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Doug AMC 2537 How it all started for me

      Hello all, my name is Doug, or as some call me, Dougie Fresh! Some call me worse than that, but I shall not go into that now! My first ever experience with two-way radio of any sort was when I was around ten years old, so this was around 1978/79. My parents […]

Making a 20m T2LT

Vertical dipole for 20m (T2LT style). It’s a great antenna, and the satisfaction you get from using something you made yourself is great. So if you fancy having a go at making one, your need approximately 17m of RG58, a 68mm diameter drain pipe for the air choke former. The length of the exposed dielectric […]

Kevs monthly blog M0KCV

  Hi, all a few musings from Kevo. Well, what a start to the G8AMC three and a half months in, and we have over 40 members already. Some of you are new friends who are just starting to get to know and others, old friends, from 11m. You all have one thing in common, […]

Robby M7BPN a journey to today

    Robby M7BPN a journey to today I was seventeen when I met Jeanette, she was a top girl in many ways J  about five years older than me and definitely a woman.  One of the things I remember most about her was a little Midland 40ch AM portable rig.  She used to set […]


  Hello, my name is Lee ( 2e1hjw ), I’m based in Harlow Essex located ten miles north of the city of London, ten miles south of Stansted airport on the M11 corridor.   I took my license back in the summer of 1999 at my local club in Harlow and was on the air […]

Kevin M0KCV WPX competition

  I did the WPX competition last weekend from the home qth using the 991a and switching between the efhw and the G5RV so most contacts done using 100w as that’s all the efhw can take. Happy to report that my dxcc worked count went from 52 to 76 over the course of the two […]

Kevin M0KCV How it all started for me

      In 1979 fresh out of school found myself sat in the passenger seat of my mates Morris oxford and there were voices coming out of the glove box.” What’s that” I said to Dave, “oh that’s my CB radio.” Anyway, he passed me the mike which I immediately gave back and took […]

How did the G8AMC get started by David (M0TPT)

So how did the club get started, I hear you ask; well, David (M0TPT), the original founder of the club, based on the interest of Radio friendship, and sharing of knowledge. David started his radio journey in 2018, operating on the 11m meter band. During a QSO, someone suggested that he should look into studying […]